As far as match reviews go, this one should be fairly easy to write.

Arsenal, a side filled with mega-talented millionaires facing up to a squad that is worth 40% less than the Gunners paid for Rob Holding.

£1.83m v £415.65m when you compare current squad values. You’ll probably hear that comparison a lot between now and whenever this ends.

Form means nothing. Injuries mean nothing. The talent in Arsenal’s youth ranks should be enough to bat a side like Sutton away under normal circumstances.

But these are far from that.

The pressure has never been greater on this Arsenal side, while Sutton have nothing to lose.

They have home advantage on an artificial pitch and we have a bunch of pampered stars used to playing on bowling greens made of real grass.

Throw in Lincoln’s win at Burnley, and you could start to worry that this game won’t be as easy as it should be.

But Lincoln aren’t Sutton – they top the division while Sutton sit 17th – and we aren’t Burnley.

There are no excuses to be found or had here.

Arsene Wenger rarely ever loses to lower league opposition. In fact, it’s happened only once in the FA Cup and that was against Blackburn. He has, however, won this competition six times and made the final seven.  Say what you like about Wenger against the big boys, but his sides are just straight-up flat-track bullies.

My heart tells me there is something to be afraid of here. But my heads knows better.

This should be as one-sided a contest as you are likely to see in any game. Yes, Sutton will throw everything they have at Arsenal, but even at their best they will need Arsenal to play like they did during their Bayern collapse (and do so for the whole game) and still they will need a massive slice of luck to get anything from this game.

I don’t mean to be dismissive of Sutton, I really don’t. But there should be no debate here.

Arsenal should win. And well. Don’t let the jitters caused by recent form move you from the point that we are The Arsenal.

Get a grip of yourself.

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