Arsene Wenger was in a playful mood during his pre-Burnley press conference on Thursday morning.

In the past, when asked about the status of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil’s contract negotiations, the boss has been a little cagey, insisting that he can’t given any updates. However, ahead of Burnley, he had a little joke with a journalist.

Firstly, when probed on the subject, Wenger invited the journalist to ask about the two stars’ contracts, which, probably thinking he’s got the story of the season, the journo did. To which Wenger replied ‘no’, he had no news.

Ozil and Alexis both have 18 months left on their contracts and it’s not as if they’re moving anywhere in January. Therefore, there’s no real rush, especially as Wenger does seem pretty confident that both will stay in north London.

Arsenal host Burnley in the Premier League on Sunday where both Alexis and Ozil are expected to feature. Hopefully, we can maintain the boss’ good mood.