Arsene Wenger has confirmed what we already knew: Arsenal have no interest in signing West Ham star, Dimitri Payet.

When Arsenal and Manchester United were linked with the wantaway France international recently, Daily Cannon reported on the likelihood of this rumour being true as slim-to-none.

Now, of course, the boss has stepped in and confirmed that Arsenal aren’t interested in the 29-year-old, who appears to be trying to force his way out of his current club by training separately, throwing a strop and essentially being a little s**t. Not the type of player Wenger would want at Arsenal.

As Wenger pointed out, we have enough creative players.

Signing a moody 29-year-old from the Hammers is not where our priorities lie.

At this stage, it looks as if Payet could return to former club, Marseille, although why he’s so keen to force his way out of a club that he only signed a new contract with a year ago, I don’t know.