Arsene Wenger has explained why Olivier Giroud was named captain against Preston North End in the FA Cup on Saturday.

Strikers are an unusual choice to name as captain since their minds are usually drifting towards goal and they’re not usually focused on the players. They’re always looking forward, as opposed to more defensive players who can see more of the pitch, team and get a better gauge of the game itself.

Therefore, when Giroud was named captain by Wenger, it was a bit of an odd move but it’s an FA Cup match so no one was exactly outraged. More confused.

Speaking after the 2-1 victory, which saw the big France international score the winner with minutes to spare, Wenger explained that he sees a lot of leadership in Oli.

To be fair, at 30, Giroud is one of the more senior members of the team so isn’t that outlandish of a choice but I wouldn’t paint him as an obvious captain. Is this a gesture from Wenger to demonstrate that he trusts him?