The German centre back was presented to the media on Saturday and disclosed the main reason behind her decision to leave Arsenal for Lyon.

“Lyon are the best team in the world,” she told reporters. “It is a pleasure to be here with this big club.

“With Arsenal, we did not qualify for the Champions League, that’s why I decided to come here.

“My target is to play the game against Wolfsburg, one of my former teams.”

It is quite funny because many fans moaned when Arsene Wenger said that qualifying for the Champions League was like winning a trophy. But this interview from Josie Henning clearly shows that the players, no matter male or female, want to play in the best club competition and it can play an important role when players are deciding their future.

Arsenal Ladies have not delivered for a while and it is not surprising that the Olympic Gold medal winner decided to move to a team that is likely to give her a chance to win the trophy again.