Recently, a Tottenham official spoke to L’Equipe about their new stadium and how they aim to create a better atmosphere than the Emirates.

Donna-Maria Cullen informed the French media outlet, who have been doing features on English stadiums and their atmosphere recently, that they intend to close in the corners of their new home in order to keep the sound in, amongst other things.

“The atmosphere of an enclosure depends very much on its architecture,” Cullen said.

“We work to optimise that in the new stadium, working especially with the team that manages the acoustics of U2 concerts.

“That is why, for example, the corners of the stadium will be closed, unlike the Emirates. In addition, we insisted to the that architects that the stands be close, as at White Hart Lane. In our stadium, the pitch will be five metres closer to the fans than it is at the Emirates.”

The Northumberland Development Project, Spurs’ new stadium, has started work and aims to be completed by 2018 with the goal of seating 61,000 fans.

To be fair, the Emirates has come under a lot of criticism for its lack of atmosphere but I’m not sure how much can be blamed on the structure of the building itself. This isn’t to say that the fans should be blamed, as many are incredibly vocal at our home ground, but if Arsene Wenger blamed the lack of singing on the way the Emirates is designed, can you imagine the response?

Saying this, it obviously makes some difference.