Ronald Koeman has admitted that he’s ‘not surprised’ by Arsene Wenger’s comments following Everton’s win over Arsenal at Goodison Park.

The corner, which led to Everton’s winning goal through an Ashley Williams header, shouldn’t have been given. Of course, Wenger pointed this out after the game, clearly frustrated by the decision.

“It was not a corner. You could see from our side it was no corner,” he said.

“But I think we have to live with a wrong decision and it does not explain why we did not head the ball after.

“I think I am really disappointed because Clattenburg was in a very good position to see they headed the ball out and it’s not the first time we are unlucky with this decision this season.

“Overall, I do not want to speak about the referee too much. It is not my problem.”

Koeman then claimed to not be surprised since Wenger has a habit of blaming the referee.

“I’m not surprised at Wenger’s comments,” he said.

“It’s the third time I’ve beaten him at home and the third time [he has made] it about the ref.”

However, as you can see, the ball comes off an Everton player. Not an Arsenal player. Therefore, it should not have been a corner. Wenger’s right: it’s that simple.

Despite this, Arsenal probably didn’t deserve to win. Apart from the opening 20 minutes, in which Alexis Sanchez scored, and some of the first half, we were flat and lacklustre.

Although Everton were hardly stunning to watch, they believed they could do it and won with minutes to spare.

Should the corner that led to Williams’ goal been given? No.

But would the result have been different? Perhaps not.