In this post-truth age, it seems that not only can people have whatever opinion they want, they can also have their own facts.

One of the unwritten laws of the internet is that if you can get people to repeat something enough times, it automatically becomes true.

Recently there were some Jose Mourinho stats doing the rounds which were completely untrue but were being shared like a bit of Hillary gossip by a Trump supporter.

So when I spotted this latest one I decided to do the math.

Has Jose Mourinho really only collected 36 points in his last 30 league games?

That’s relegation form right there if so.

We all know he’s lost whatever magic touch he used to possess, but has he turned into Alan Pardew with money?

Let’s look, it won’t take long.

This season, United have collected 21 points from 14 games.

Last season for Chelsea, before he was sacked, he managed 16 games. That brings us to 30.

In those games he collected 15 points.

A little simple addition, 21 + 15, and yes, Jose Mourinho has indeed collected just 36 points from his last 30 Premier League games.