Alexis Sanchez has again missed out on winning the Chilean Player of the Year award.

The forward scored three goals and assisted four in six during 2016’s Copa America. He won the golden ball for being the best player. Yet, his Chile teammate, Arturo Vidal, has been named their player of the year because he won the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich last term.

Although he did win the German league, Vidal scored three goals and got zero assists during the Copa America.

This is the second year running that Alexis has missed out. Last year, Manchester City’s new goalkeeper, Claudio Bravo, who played for Barcelona as the time, beat him.

Although Alexis doesn’t necessarily show when something gets to him on the pitch, I imagine he’s at least starting to question what he has to do in order to win this. Does he need to win the Premier League? Champions League? Because that’s all that’s left.

Hopefully, we can.