Arsenal players jetted off around the globe to represent their country during the third international break of a season that is just three months old.

So, not counting the miles clocked up by those such as Mesut Ozil and Gabriel, who flew off on holiday, how many airmiles did the Gunners’ internationals collect?


Yup, 26,851, with Alexis ‘hamstring injuries are all in your head’ Sanchez accounting for 15, 319 of them by himself.

As per the Mirror’s calculations, here are the miles broken down:

Shkodran Mustafi, Germany

1,572 miles (London-Serravalle-Milan-London)

Laurent Koscielny, France

474 miles (London-Paris-Lens-London)

Nacho Monreal, Spain

2,012 miles (London-Granada-London)

Granit Xhaka, Switzerland

978 miles (London-Lucerne-London)

Theo Walcott, England

0 miles (both games in London at Wembley)

Alex Iwobi, Nigeria

6,496 miles (London-Uyo-London)

Alexis Sanchez, Chile

15,319 miles (London-Barranquilla-Santiago-London)

In an hilarious twist, the number of miles clocked up by Arsenal players was only the fourth highest in the Premier League.




[We’re also fourth in this year’s Injury League]