Edinson Cavani was so unimpressed that Arsenal were awarded a penalty on Wednesday night that he tried to punch Aaron Ramsey to express his feelings of displeasure.

The Welshman, not known for getting involved in incidents like this, found himself in the middle of Cavani’s temper tantrum.

I’ve gotta say, Ramsey’s reaction to the whole thing was a little embarrassing but what was even more frustrating was BTSport’s determination to make Ramsey’s reaction a bigger story than the Cavani hit out in the first place – especially when Michael ‘goes down quicker than a sack of potatoes’ was leading the way.

Speaking after the match, Ramsey said it was all a whole lot of fuss over nothing. “Those things happen on the football pitch, but it’s fine – we shook hands at the end and it’s nothing.”

Aaron was also asked if Cavani actually made contact with his face, and his reply was surprising. “I think so, but these things happen in the heat of the moment,” Ramsey said. I’ve got no issues with it.”

You think so? You certainly acted like you had been struck, and with a lot more force than was actually used because Cavani’s punch was total rubbish.

Asked f Cavani should have been sent off, Ramsey replied, “No, that’s up to the ref to decide.”

To be fair to Ramsey, you could see that he was shocked with what had happened. After all, you don’t expect to have a player lashing out like that at you. You could almost see him debate in his head how big a deal he should make of the whole thing.

In the end, he made a little too much of it, but if he hadn’t, would anyone have even noticed what Cavani had tried to do?

Now let’s see what UEFA do…don’t be surprised if Giroud also gets a charge because, you know, UEFA…