Former Liverpool winger, John Barnes, branded Alex Iwobi’s own goal ‘unfortunate’ as he explained how the youngster managed to get himself into such a mess.

It was a deft header, for sure, but the slightest of touches from Iwobi’s napper meant that a non-threatening PSG header, that was going straight into David Ospina’s arms, sailed past him and handed the Parisians a lifeline in the game.

Speaking as a pundit on Wednesday night, Barnes explained what went wrong.

“Iwobi is on the line, so his job is to stand on the post and defend on the line, but he reacted late,” Barnes said.

“If you’re alive when the header comes in, you get the header away from goal. But if you didn’t expect the header, you will just put your head in there and concede.

“It’s just unfortunate.”

Iwobi was immediately substituted, although that move seemed like it was already happening before the goal.

It capped off a poor night for the 20-year-old who has been distinctly under par this season. That is, perhaps, not surprising. He’s young, he’s growing, and he still has some distance to go before he’s able to perform regularly at the highest level.

Did we mention he’s 20?

Arsenal’s lowest rated player on the night with 5.7, he still managed to outdo PSG’s Grzegorz Krychowiak who finished with a 5.1.

PSG paid £34m for Krychowiak from Sevilla in the summer.