He hasn’t really been, but he was linked with buying a house in Istanbul so naturally he’s moving to Fenerbahce, right?

Of all the nonsense I have to wade through on a daily basis, this is right up there.

Rich man with Turkish heritage, who has made no secret of his love for Istanbul, looks at buying a house in a city he visits frequently, so of course he’s going to leave for the Turkish league when he’s one of the best midfielders no the planet.

Give me strength.

Also, did we miss him buying a house in London? I guess that doesn’t mean much really, especially given my rant above.


The fact is, people are only too keen to see Ozil leave Arsenal and will link him with a move away as often as they can.

They’ll tell you about crazy wages demands and players he wants the club to sign.

Don’t buy it.

Don’t buy any of it.