Football players have a lot of autonomy in Europe.

To people who do not understand football, it might look like coaches and managers essentially sell their players, throwing them at whichever club is willing to buy them and offering the most money. However, sportsbetting lines wouldn’t be so interesting to look at if that was the case.

In fact, football players and football clubs generally have to come to an understanding before a player moves. Every football player has specific goals and objectives that they want to achieve, and they take steps to achieve those objectives by choosing the clubs they play for very carefully. Well. Most do.

Even with a player that only wants to make money, the clubs they choose to play for are just as important because they will determine how quickly that player climbs through the ranks and whether they can effectively position themselves in leagues and teams that will allow them to maximise their earning potential.

As such, pundits like to carefully analyse the clubs players choose to play for in order to better understand their mindsets and predict how they might perform in the long run.

Jack Wilshere should have gone to AC Milan.

That is simple logic; if you are not keeping up with the goings-on of the Premier League, Arsenal decided to loan Jack Wilshere out. Wilshere had the choice of either going to AC Milan or Bournemouth.

No one in their right mind could have predicted that Wilshere would go to Bournemouth. Sure, AC Milan has had its problems but they are, none the less, the most attractive option of the two.

As such, it came as a shock when Wilshere chose to go play for Bournemouth instead of AC Milan. And according to Wilshere, his reasons were largely sentimental. Simply put, he missed playing in the Premier League.

Having missed more than two years of football, Wilshere wants nothing better than to sink back into the chaos of the Premier League, living and breathing the league week in and week out. For Wilshere, there is no better experience and with three full 90s in a row, he’s earned an England recall. 

Considering his thirst for the challenge of the Premier League, with all its fights and scandals and crazy fans, when Wilshere learned that a number of clubs in the division were actually interested in him, Bournemouth became an obvious choice.

Wilshere spoke to Bournemouth striker Benik Afobe beforehand, and he had nothing but good things to say about the team’s manager. And, upon meeting with and speaking to the manager, Wilshere knew immediately that the team was a perfect fit for him.