Hector Bellerin is using his spare time to study for an online marketing diploma with the University of Pennsylvania according to an interview he did recently with the Times [£].

The Spaniard, who is a fan of forbes.com, says that he likes to keep his mind active when he’s not playing or training.

“I know people think we should only think about playing football, but we have a lot of hours to spare, and I like to keep my mind active,” Bellerin says. “I read a lot. And this is a career where you are finished playing and you are still only halfway through your life, so I want to be sure I am ready to do the next thing then.

“How the industry works, social media, business, looking after your own image and yourself financially — it interests me,” he added.

The course requires Bellerin to complete tests every two weeks after watching lectures and researching the relevant topic and he’s doing well with marks coming in above 90%.

This is the second big interview that Bellerin has given recently. It was an interview which saw him dismiss any chance of a return to Barcelona while pledging his future to Arsenal.

Despite his rise to fame, he has yet to crack the senior Spain side, but it is surely only a matter of time.

During this international break, Hector will be with the u21s.