The nightmare scenario of the fire sale of winter 2013 might see a revival in the upcoming transfer window with many ins and out.

As per the hint from our friend Rich Laverty in our game magazine, Pedro Losa is looking at a serious clear-out.

There are many names flying on social media; Fara Williams, Josephine Henning, Casey Stoney and Kelly Smith, for example. Other players are out of contract like Carla Humphrey and therefore are free to move.

A loan move for Leah Williamson has also been mentioned among the rumours, she was apparently sent for a temporary move last summer to the Belles, but her injury in Seattle put paid to that.

There are some old and experienced players like Emma Byrne, Kelly Smith and Rachel Yankey who are reaching the end of their career and you certainly wonder if they will be part of the big clear out.

The same can be said of Vyan Sampson and Jodie Taylor whose contributions to the team have been limited due to injury. Taylor is back to full fitness and even scored two goals yesterday (Sunday) is a great news, but it does not guarantee she will be around come September 2017.

There seem to be a pattern there, like removing the old and young heads to keep all the middle aged players. To be fair, it makes sense to do so as long as the core values of the club are protected.

If you add the Spanish trio that has already left the club, the club might end up with a short squad if the signings do not come like in 2013.

Vicky Losada was offered a new contract and did not take the offer apparently. Considering the newly crowned Arsenal Ladies official Supporters Club’s Player of the Year was a crucial part of the team, you have to wonder if she was homesick, or if any other personal parameter – like close friends leaving the club – influenced that decision.

Although with the next season starting in September 2017, there will be a lot of time for player recruitment. If the new players that are signed are as good in quality as Kim Little, there will be no worry.

If it’s the same kind of recruitment drive that happened during the winter 2013 transfer window, there will be a lot to worry about.