Theo Walcott has impressed many people this season with his new attitude and Ray Parlour is no different.

At an event held by 888casino, one of the UK’s leading online casinos, we caught up with former Arsenal defender Ray Parlour, who was taking part in ‘Electric Blackjack’. The game saw Ray pitted against former TOWIE star Amy Childs, with both hooked up to electric shock machines, meaning that if either made a mistake or a bad call, they received a shock from 888casino’s Blackjack expert.

Matters soon turned from card games to Arsenal and Matthew Wade, interviewing Ray for Daily Cannon, asked the Romford Pele what the most important thing is for a player.

Here’s what Ray said, using Theo Walcott as an example.

“I always say that the most important thing for a player is get 7 or 8 out of 10 every game. Don’t get a 9, then a 5, then a 6. 7 or 8 out of 10 would be absolutely perfect, a bit more consistency.

“You know exactly what you’re going to get.

“Hopefully Arsene Wenger would say that about myself – that you knew exactly what you’d get and usually I was a 7 or 8, done!

“I was never an outstanding 9 and I probably didn’t drop below 5 or 6 so I think that’s the most important thing for a player, consistency.

(GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)
(GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)

“I think Theo Walcott has shown a lot more of that this season.

“I always thought Theo was a 9 or a 4 but this season he looks a lot more comfortable, like he’s got a bit of confidence. He played really well against Chelsea.

“You got to bring that [aggression] in.

“You see how the crowd get a lift from tracking that extra ten yards and making a tackle. Believe it or not, players around you get a lift too.

“If I’ve got players in front of me, like a Sanchez, closing people down and making tackles, you can push up on your man, it’s a lot easier for you.

“Playing like that, week in week out, that’s the hard thing, but if they can play like that, they are a very good side.”

That certainly has been Walcott’s problem and Arsenal as a whole over recent seasons.

Neither could ever find the consistency needed to win a league title.

Hopefully Theo’s newfound focus will be shared by the rest of the team because, as Ray says, if they can do that, ’they are a very good side.’