Arsene Wenger has spoken about about Thierry Henry’s decision to leave Arsenal in favour of pursuing his career as a Sky Sports pundit.

The boss was his typical diplomatic self, acknowledging that it was a good decision as the former Gunner was ‘uncomfortable’ with the position he was in at London Colney.

“There was a lot of debate about Thierry Henry not staying here,” Wenger said to Arsenal Magazine.

“I think Thierry Henry has done an exceptional job here but it is an uncomfortable position for him.

“He agreed that it was not easy for him to deal with talking about Arsenal during the weekend and then coming in.

“You want him to be free from his statements and it’s always difficult for him to be really objective sometimes, and even a bit harsh, and then come in and face the players. It will be easier for him.”

Wenger also mentioned being sure that the former forward would go back into coaching, which suggests the comments aren’t that recent (despite coming from Arsenal’s official site) considering Thierry has been named Belgium’s new assistant coach.

I, as a fan, found Henry’s career in punditry a little bit odd; I’ve always said this. As Wenger explained, he was having to criticise our players at the weekend and then go into work and face them them during the week. It’s a weird situation and I’m almost glad he apparently found it uncomfortable because it would have been! If he had been happy slamming our stars and manager one day then pretending nothing had happened the next, I’d start to wonder what sort of a person he is.

By the sound of it, Henry leaving really was the best thing for everyone. If he wasn’t willing to give up his career in punditry for the club he proclaims to love, then that’s his choice.

Not that I’m bitter, or anything.