Jamie Vardy has revealed that the reason he turned down Arsenal was the way we play football and nothing to do with loyalty.

The striker has written a short piece of The Sun (yes, really) explaining why he turned the Gunners down. I’m not sure why he’s suddenly decided to comment on this now, months after we triggered his release clause, but he does mention that he didn’t turn us down because he was scared of not being the “main man” so perhaps this is him setting the record straight, so to speak.

“With people like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil creating chances, Arsenal felt they could benefit me as much as I could them,” he said.

“But I also thought about the tactical aspect.

“You look at Arsenal’s style of play and they don’t get the ball forward quickly in the same way Leicester do for those runs I like to make in behind the defence.”

The England international admitted that him and his wife had even gone as far as looking at new schools for the kids but he had to follow his heart.

Interestingly, he also mentioned that this decision was nothing to do with loyalty or the players at the club…

“It wasn’t to do with ‘loyalty’ or how I feel about my team-mates,” he revealed.

“Players always come and go.”

It’s a bit of an odd statement to make considering it wouldn’t do the Foxes’ fans any harm thinking it was because of loyalty but there we go.