Abou Diaby has admitted that he doesn’t feel quite back to his 2010 best and that it will take him a little time to get back there.

As you may know, if you’ve been a follower of this site for any length of time, we are massive Diaby fans and one of dreams for a happy life involve seeing him finally able to have a caeer uninterrupted by injury after he was crippled by Dan Smith.

Speaking to Canal, the midfielder, had this to say.

“Going to the training like everyone else on the ground, it sounds stupid, but for me these are small things that make me happy.

“I come back a long away. To feel 100%, like the others, it will take me a little time but I’m still on the road.

“I am far from my best level, but being here today is already a huge win.

“I always aimed for excellence, from that moment for me everything is possible.”


He also admitted, again, that he has thought about retiring from the game. “These are ideas that are passed through my head. When you do not see the end of the tunnel, it is difficult and sometimes you have questions,”he said.


Diaby has played a total of 130 minutes in Ligue 1 for Marseille this season and was fit enough to pick up a booking in the game against Toulouse. He started both these games, playing 61 minutes in the first and 69 in the second.

Can we really start to believe that he’s finally back?

Probably not just yet, but it certainly looks promising. He has not played two games in a row since he did it with Arsenal’s u21s in April 2015, and not for a senior team since February 2013.