Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has given an interview to the matchday programme and part of that involved being asked if he spoke to any other players when he was shifted onto the left.

“Not particularly,” he replied.

“I’ve watched people like Alexis and Arjen Robben, and there’s Anthony Martial at Manchester United who does it as well.

“When I found out I’d be playing on the left sometimes, I thought it was a big opportunity for me to be able to cut inside and take more shots.

“A lot of my friends were joking around when they saw me playing on the left and told me to do what Alexis does!

“For me it’s important to study how other players are effective on the opposite flank.”

Martial is, of course, a few years younger than the Ox, but given the injuries that Alex has suffered, they could well both be about the same playing age.

Regardless, it’s good to hear that he’s trying to learn and observe others. This is a big season for him at the club after so many problems with his knee and the impact on his form being in and out of the side has had.

He’s been at the club for five years now and has not come close to fulfilling his undoubted potential. A large part of that is also tied to his age. Consistency is something that comes as players get older.

Now all he needs is a run of games in the side, preferably a full campaign without any more injuries.

We can but dream, eh?