Eddie Howe admitted that if Jack Wilshere had been part of Manchester City’s team on Saturday, he might have given a very different performance.

The Bournemouth manager defended Wilshere, who started for the Cherries against Manchester City, and insisted that the 4-0 loss wasn’t down to individual players but the team as a whole.

“I wouldn’t say [the game passed Wilshere by],” Howe said.

“You can’t blame one individual. As a team we didn’t function very well.

“We didn’t give our attacking players the scope to get into the game.

“We were penned in our half and it’s very difficult for your creative players when that’s the case and I’d include all our attacking players in that.

“We said when we signed Jack we want to get him near their goal and see his creative ability, and I think if you put him in their team, you’d see a different performance from him.”

Wilshere didn’t have the best game. Although, it’s easy to blow his rusty performance out of proportion. It was his first start in a long time, he’s just getting used to his new team, as well as trying to regain fitness and fend of injury. Not to mention, it was against Manchester City, who, as much as we don’t want to admit it, look like a really, really good side so far this season.

Would Jack have looked better in a team where his creativity could flourish, like Manchester City as Howe suggest? Perhaps. But I’m sure with time, he’ll get there with Bournemouth.