Crystal Palace have increased their ability to shout and point wildly on the pitch by signing former Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini.

A liability on the field who has made his career on the back of free transfers (nobody has ever paid a transfer fee for him), Flamini left Arsenal this summer when his contract expired after a nervous few months in which it was rumoured he would get a new deal.

He didn’t.

In reality, Flamini only ever enjoyed one great season with Arsenal – his last one before he moved on a free to AC Milan during his first spell with the club. Before that, Arsenal had been trying to sell him to Birmingham, but after a Theo-wanting-a-new-contract campaign, Arsenal fans were left with the impression that he was some sort of midfield genius.

He isn’t.

He could, however, change the world as we know it with his biotech firm.

So, you know, swings and roundabouts.