Chelsea Ladies organised a Q&A with manager Emma Hayes and four players Aluko, Chapman, Kirby and Rafferty on Thursday.

The former Arsenal assistant manager tried to play some mind games with Arsenal as both teams fight for the second champions league place available.

Here is what she said on Chelsea Ladies own twitter.

That is a true fact as Arsenal have now been ‘just’ winning cups since the last title was won under Laura Harvey in 2012.

But it is also quite obvious that the club does not do it on purpose. Rather, it is due to the new manager bedding in during 2013 and being overtaken by Liverpool in terms of environment.

In 2014, internal problems meant the manager left halfway through the season and the team was a mess.

In 2015, the team was unbeaten until the halfway break but never recovered from injuries to key players, and in 2016 the title challenge lasted three games after early defeats to rivals City and Chelsea.

This year’s lack of consistency in selection and poor performances are responsible for another messed up title challenge.

I don’t think that is the case at all with extra time needed against Birmingham and Notts County in the run-up to the FA Women’s Cup final. The only game where the team and individuals clearly upped their performance level was the Wembley final against Chelsea.

Sadly, inconsistency has plagued the team this season.

It is certainly a bizarre statement as there is nothing left to play for following last weekend’s defeat to Manchester City in the FA WSL Conti Cup, besides the league program.

You wonder if she is alluding to team selection or something else. All Arsenal fans know that it has not been consistent this season with players out of form getting games while other stay on the bench.

Something that came out recently according to a trusted source is that Leah Williamson was actually set for a loan, mid-season, to reunite with Carla Humphrey at Doncaster Belles. It did not happen because of the injury sustained at the Seattle Reign friendly but it would have sent a very mixed message to the fans.

Discarding homegrown players like Humphrey and Williamson while the team struggles for form is hardly encouraging.

So Emma Hayes mind games are quite funny, knowing that she has some valid points but also some bizarre ones as well.