According to David Anderson from the Daily Mirror, Arsenal told Manchester City where to go when they inquired about Hector Bellerin.

The writer claims that Arsenal told City to “**** off”… I think you can guess the first word.

Although Anderson may have been exaggerating and not being 100% truthful (wouldn’t it be amazing if he was?) the sentiment remains. It appears, if his word is to be believed, that the Gunners are simply not willing to even entertain negotiations of one of their key players. Too right!

Bellerin is the latest in a – thankfully short – list of players we need to think about tying down to new contracts. His existing deal doesn’t run out until 2019 so Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez understandably remain our priorities.

However, the defender is talented and it’s understandable that if City did genuinely ask about signing him that we would be so forthright with our retort.

Hopefully, Hector shares the same feelings.