Just even thought of doing this recap is boring me, such is the lack of anything interesting going on now we are right in the heart of the interlull.

There was, of course, some football. Mesut Ozil shined for Germany as they hammered Norway, Theo Walcott came on for England and did what Theo does best, but mostly, it’s been players on the bench or chatting to the their national media.

That has thrown up some interesting tidbits, but it does feel like we’re scraping the barrel trying to get excited about Olivier Giroud not caring about his haters, and cooing over selfies from the Arsenal legends dressing room. Some of Granit Xhaka’s Swiss teammates were asked to describe him and we learned that he’s a little bit of a ladies man.

Speaking of which, the ladies were knocked out of the Conti Cup, a competition they’ve won every year bar one since its inception. Manchester City have thrown money at their ladies like they have their youth and senior men’s team and it shows.

Arsenal, on the other hand, have gone from a shallow squad to one that is too deep meaning that Pedro Losa is yet to hit upon a winning formula. Perhaps next season will be third time lucky for the manager who is unlikely to get Arsenal into the Champions League qualifying spot again.

Carl Jenkinson is almost back from his knee injury, Wilshere is being hailed as a success already at Bournemouth, and Luis Boa Morte believes Joel Campbell will be a better player when he returns from his loan at Sporting. That may well be true. Wenger still won’t play him, though.

And that really was about it.