The CIES Football Observatory have ranked Granit Xhaka’s sale to Arsenal as the fifth best of the summer meaning Arsenal paid a lot more than they should have for him given his current market value.

Costing Arsenal £38.25m, making him the second most expensive player in the club’s history, he already looks as if he might have been a steal at that price but his cost belies the notion that Arsene Wenger won’t pay ‘whatever it takes’ to land a player he wants or needs.

According to CIES, Xhaka’s estimated market value was €28.8m, sold for €50m (including add-ons) giving a plus to the selling club of €21.2m.

The most overpriced player in this window was not Paul Pogba as you might expect. He only ranks 9th on the list, coming in some €15.2m over value at €110m.

No, that honour went to Gonzalo Higuain who moved for €23.8m more than the €66.2m he was valued at.

United did overpay for Eric Bailly, however, who comes in second at €23.5m over value. United paid €38.4m when he was really worth €14.9m.

Making a surprise appearance at number four is Yannick Bolasie who moved to Everton for €34.6m instead of just over €12m which is what any sane person would have paid.

David Luis, Marcos Alonso Michy Batshuayi [all Chelsea] and John Stones and Leory Sane [Manchester City] also make the list.

In all, of the top 20, 12 of them were Premier League deals.

Money madness.