Alexis Sanchez has been made captain of Chile for the first time, a move that has left him feeling ‘very motivated’ according to those close to him.

That just makes me want to ask is what we’ve seen up until now has been an unmotivated Alexis? Holy smokes.

Speaking about the decision and the impact it has had on Alexis, an unnamed teammate told Emol, he looks very good. He is happy. In the past practices you notice his joy and enthusiasm for the great challenge that awaits him.”

It’s not clear if this is a permanent call by Chile or just a stand-in due to Gary Medel’s suspension and Claudio Bravo’s absence from the squad. The manager, however, let the players decide on their captain and they picked Alexis in third place.

The news of his captaincy makes his somewhat intriguing Instagram post a little less, well, intriguing.

Translated, it says, “We as sportsmen or people motivate ourselves to being the best, giving the best to our families or children. Finding this motivation is what makes you grow as a person, sportsman, and reach success. And what’s your motivation?”

Indeed, what is yours?