When asked about how Zlatan Ibrahimovic would fit in at Manchester United and the Premier League, Arsene Wenger showered the striker with praise. However, of course that’s not the part the media want to focus on.

In amongst the praise, the boss brought up the very valid point that Zlatan isn’t the youngest player anymore. It’s completely true and wasn’t meant in a derogatory way. The Sweden international is 35 years old in October. It’s a testament to how brilliant he is as a player that he’s still world class, even at his age.

However, of course, the media are running with the idea that Wenger essentially criticised the new Manchester United signing for being too old.

Here’s what Wenger said:

“Honestly I don’t know [how he will get on].

“Going for him is his class, his talent, his desire to do well. What goes against him is that he is not the youngest player anymore, so you are questioned about that in every game. From what I saw of him last year at Paris Saint-Germain, it was his most complete season as an individual player and as a team player.

“He became a really great team player last season. On the mental aspect he will bring something to Man United as well. He is a winner, he has charisma and he will give them a strength as well as his individual quality.”

As you can see, there’s absolutely no animosity meant and the ‘criticism’, was a droplet in a sea of the praise for the former PSG man.

This is another example of the media simply wanting to fan the flames of an apparent feud between Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger because they’ve seen a sliver of opportunity.