With the news that Juventus have given Manchester United the go-ahead to bring Paul Pogba in for a medical after agreeing an eye-watering fee of €110m for their former player, many Arsenal fans find themselves watching something they can’t comprehend.

While I don’t think anyone is advocating spending that much money on any player – especially not one you let go for free – the difference between Manchester United’s (and Jose Mourinho’s) approach to transfers and Arsenal’s and Arsene Wenegr’s could not be starker.

Sure, spending money does not guarantee trophies and Leicester have had to make us all rethink what is possible with a cohesive team and restricted budget, but come on!

The stories of Arsenal scrimping and arguing with clubs over token sums are most likely Flat Earth News (though not always), but that doesn’t lessen the impact the continuous drip, drip these stories have on fans and their attitudes towards the club.

But, while many fans are bemoaning the Pogba deal and using it as a stick with which to beat Arsenal, there are many fans out there who refuse to let the imminent deal get them down.

Let’s concentrate on them for a change rather than the ones who moan about everything:



And yes, everything is something to do with Arsenal.