With the left hand seemingly not knowing what the right hand is doing in this story, Shkodran’s father and agent (fatgent), Kujtim, has said that negotiations for his son are going well with Arsenal.

It was reported that his agent stated a deal between the player and the club had been agreed but the guy who said that is no longer Mustafi’s agent and was clearly just feeling a bit left out of things.

With Arsene Wenger saying he couldn’t tell us anything about a Mustafi deal at his pre-Liverpool press conference, Mustafi senior is quoted by Sport1 in Germany as saying, “We are in good discussions with Arsenal. From an agreement but cannot be any talk.”

Of course, as you can see, Google translate got its hands on that little quote and turned the second half into a Spurs lasagne, but I think it means something along the lines of ‘We are in good discussions with Arsenal. There cannot be any talk until there is an agreement.’

Sport1 claim an agreement could be reached in as little as 48 hours, but offer nothing to back this statement up unless it was something Mr. Mustafi told them ‘off the record’ when they spoke to obtain the other quotes.

Should Arsenal sign him, he’s expected to cost in the region of €30m as Valencia really don’t want to let him go.