With Arsene Wenger coy on the signing of Shkodran Mustafi when asked about it at his pre-Liverpool press conference, the player’s former agent, Ali Bulut has not been.

Speaking exclusively to the German site, SPOX, Bulut claimed that the centreback has found an agreement with Arsenal ahead of move to London.

“Shkodran and Arsenal agree. There is only the teams to agree on a transfer fee.”

But according to the same site (and others), Mustafi’s agent is now his father, Kujitim, and he says that no deal has been agreed which would make more sense.

As we’ve mentioned many times on here, if anyone is claiming that the buying club and player have reached an agreement before the buying and selling clubs have, you should be suspicious.

I’ve no doubt that Arsenal are trying to land him, the player himself refused to deny a move was on the cards, but I’m not quite sure anything has been agreed.


What is clear is that nothing will be sorted before the first game of the season against Liverpool. Thankfully, their injury crisis makes ours look tiny.