US Soccer has suspended goalkeeper, Hope Solo, from National Team duty for six months and terminated her contract after she called her Swedish opponents “cowards” following the US WNT defeat in the Olympics quarter-finals.

The outburst was the last of a long list of problems going as far back as 2007, when she publicly criticised her coach for dropping her for a World Cup Semi Final tie against Brazil. Although she was probably right, her team lost 4-0, she was suspended and ostracised by her team-mate for a while.

Then came the domestic violence case, the fappening and recently the DUI case. There is no prize for guessing that the accumulation of problems led to her suspension.

Although, it has to be said, that getting rid of her allows the US WNT coaches to prepare the 2019 World Cup with younger players in the goalkeeper position. Those players have been waiting for years for a proper chance.

Hope Solo is no longer being paid by US Soccer, but will carry on playing in the NWSL for 2016. But in 2017 she will not be tied to the NWSL like all the US WNT players who are contracted to play there if they want to get selected.

You would therefore expect interest from many teams around the world for a top class goalkeeper, who would possibly be available in six months.

Manchester City already invited her a couple of season ago and have a not-so-reliable goalie at the moment. They are still unbeaten thanks to/despite her, and Solo would be a big upgrade, especially if they are still competing in the Champions League come next Spring.

Should the 37-year-old Emma Byrne retire at the end of the 2016 season, it would make perfect sense for Arsenal Ladies to inquire about Solo.

Having her and Van Veenendaal competing for the number 1 shirt would be good for the club as well as the media and marketing package that would also come with Solo.

You would not be able to make a bigger signing that Hope Solo and it would be excellent publicity for Arsenal and the FA WSL. That being said, would we really be so accepting of a player with her track record off the pitch if she was a man?