One of the strangest players Arsenal have been linked with recently is Manchester United’s Phil Jones, and I’m not just talking about the faces he pulls.

The defender hasn’t started for the Red Devils since January, despite being fit, and although it looks doubtful that he’s suddenly going to turn this around, the Telegraph claims that the club have told him that he’s staying put.

Jones is contracted with Manchester United until June 2019 so if the club did want to give him the boot, they probably don’t need to be in any rush to do so. Plus, Jose Mourinho wouldn’t sell us an old tissue if we needed one, let alone an actual player.

Stoke were allegedly the most likely club to sign the Jones but the link with Arsenal was intriguing, purely because it was just a bit random. It came out of nowhere, stuck its head above ground and then disappeared again.

I didn’t know anyone who thought we would genuinely sign him or any fans who wanted to.

I supposed it’s only being brought up again now because of the reports that the Shkodran Mustafi deal isn’t happening.