Petr Cech has been announced as Arsenal captain for our opening match against Liverpool.

Despite Per Mertesacker being named our long-term captain, the centre-back is out for another four months through injury and it’s left us wondering who will be filling his shoes until he gets back.

Arsene Wenger did confirm that it would be between Laurent Koscielny, Santi Cazorla and Petr Cech and with Kos still resting after featuring in the Euro 2016 final and Cazorla on the bench, it’s been left to the former Chelsea goalkeeper to step up.

Cech is a natural born leader and objectively makes an amazing captain. In fact, he is probably the most ‘captainy’ of the whole lot. But there’s something a little unsettling about having a man who played for one of our biggest rivals until a year ago lead out our team.

Nothing against Petr, of course. I think he’s brilliant and for the time being, perhaps he is our best option. We’ll see how he gets on.