If reports are to be believed, Arsenal’s transfer situation is getting a little desperate as now both Chelsea and AC Milan want Shkodran Mustafi. Sigh.

Although the Chelsea link isn’t exactly new, now AC Milan apparently want the centre-back and it’s all getting a bit much.

According to Plaza Deportivathe Serie A club have turned their attention to the German after their deal for Mateo Musacchio from Villarreal fell through. Great news…

To be honest, I think the media are just linking any club they can in order to be able to write new headlines. I know this sounds like I’m just stating the obvious – I am – but given the high levels of Gooner anxiety regarding transfers right now, I feel I should repeat it.

According to reports, the £21-25m (depending what you read) Valencia man is more likely to go to Chelsea. However, this is probably just because they could probably pay him more wages – I doubt there’s any actual further insight than that.

As it stands, I feel as if he’s the most likely signing we could make right now. We need a centre-back, Arsene Wenger’s confirmed we’re buying one and his club seem more likely to let him go than our other targets. David Ornstein also says we’re keen and his word is usually pretty reliable.

Fingers crossed.