Alexandre Lacazette is reportedly getting close to signing a new deal at Lyon that would see him become the highest paid player in the club’s history and probably send the Arsenal internet into a fit of rage.

In fact, it’s even being claimed he will sign in the ‘coming days.’

Heavily linked with Arsenal, many have seen him as our main target despite the press in Lyon reporting that both the player and Arsenal are a little annoyed at all the coverage because there’s no truth to it.

I’m fairly sure there’s been some truth to it but it seems as Lacazette is set to be another striker that won’t be at Arsenal next season, and with just over three weeks left, Arsenal seem no closer to the frontman they’ve needed for around two years.

Perhaps Arsene Wenger has heard that Emmanuel Adebayor is available on a free. Imagine the scenes if he was our deadline day signing out of desperation.

I probably shouldn’t joke, it might give him ideas.

It’s worth noting that Lacazette was meant to be signing for PSG in ’72 hours‘ some 144 hours ago and the Lyon president said as far back as the start of July that Arsenal weren’t even interested in him anyway which would fit with the note above about the Lyon press.

Can’t believe anything these days.