Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Gabriel’s recovery from injury is going ‘very well’ and even suggested that the defender could return from injury a little earlier than expected.

“He’s progressing very well. He’s ahead of schedule. We said six to eight weeks and we think it could be six,” Wenger told the media before the weekend’s game against Watford.

If true it’s another boost in what has been a very boost-filled week. Two new signings, three goals, three points and the first win of the season in the bag. It’s a shame that the interlull had to come along just when we were starting to enjoy life as Arsenal fans again.

Gabriel picked up the ankle problem in pre-season but could be back as early as the end of September if Wenger’s estimate is based on the reality of time and not Arsenal time.

Of course, but the time Gabriel is back, Shkodran Mustafi should have slotted into his spot nicely.

Such is life.