We all know that there is no women’s football Team GB at the Rio Olympics because of politics and the respective home nation’s country FA’s being managed by people living a bit in the past.

We have to remember that England finishing third at the 2015 Canada World Cup would have therefore qualified Team GB for the Olympics, if they had decided to enter a team.

Sadly those politicians at the FAs did not want to lose their privilege.

It is really sad that top quality players are not allowed to grow by playing at such a huge tournament and those who denied them a chance to compete should be ashamed.

Saying that, we could have a situation at the World Cup 2019 in France, where three home nations enter the tournament, therefore giving Team GB three times more chance to go to the Olympics than other nations.

That would be a big problem for sure.

We know the home nations are scared of FIFA deciding to merge them if they ever send a Team GB team to the Olympics but does that happen in other team sports?  No, are they even threatened to get merged together? No.

So it is clearly a power question of the IFAB votes as the home nations have four votes and the rest of the world have four votes.

So let’s have a look at a potential team, with the best of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales put together.

To me, the best Welsh players are Jessica Fishlock, Natasha Harding and Angharad James.

The best Scottish ones are Jane Ross, Kim Little, Jenny Beattie and Rachel Corsie.

For Northern Ireland, Avilla Bergin, Rachel Furness and Laura Rafferty.

We would need 18 players plus four alternates:

In goal it’s an easy choice with the two best goalkeepers around and Earps, a young promising goalie, as an alternate.

GK Telford, Chamberlain

In defence Corsie who has been solid in NWSL, Stoney for her experience, Flaherty for her quality, Greenwood and Stokes, two left footers who can also play on the wing if needed.

DF Corsie, Bronze, Flaherty, Greenwood, Stokes, Stoney,

In midfield, Fishlock and Little are automatic choices as they’re world class. Jill Scott is also a phenomenal player and has been very consistent with England. Nobbs is also a top box-to-box player and has strong leadership. Christiansen, the form player and James, to cover in the defensive midfield position.

MF Fishlock, Little, J Scott, Nobbs, Christiansen, James

Up front, Ross is an obvious choice with her goalscoring record and quality, two proper wingers with pace in Davison and Harding and an up-and-coming centre forward in Daly.

FW Ross, Davison, Harding, Daly

Alternate and up-and-coming goalie in Earps, Beattie would cover defence midfield and forward positions, Carney as the playmaker/winger and Carter, who has been consistent with her club for years now.

Alternates : Earps, Beattie, Carney, Carter

We know that Team GB missed out on a big opportunity in 2012 at the London Games with a poor showing, losing in the quarter-finals to Canada, and most of the blame was directed at Hope Powell’s bizarre squad choice and negative tactics.

It’s a shame, really, that a 2016 team was not allowed to go to Rio, but as long as politics decides what’s happening in football, Team GB will never happen again.