According to Sport Bild, Mesut Ozil wants to extend his contract at Arsenal but only if Real Madrid don’t come back for him.

This appears to be the German media just rehashing a story from months ago because they’re bored. Ozil has said he’s happy in London multiple times and although he ‘only’ has two years left on his contract, I imagine we’ll kick off negotiations over an extension very soon now that he’s back from his holidays.

Sport Bild aren’t denying that he’s happy with the Gunners. However, they are saying that if Real Madrid approached us and asked for him back, he would join them without hesitation, which does the playmaker a disservice considering he’s appears to want to move forwards, not back. If he was going to leave us, I’d expect him to go somewhere completely different, not to his old club.

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MARSEILLE, FRANCE – JULY 07: Mesut Oezil of Germany reacts during the UEFA EURO semi final match between Germany and France at Stade Velodrome on July 7, 2016 in Marseille, France. (Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images)

The report says that Ozil still has a soft spot for the La Liga club, which may be true. However, he only played there for three years (2010-2013) – the same amount of time he’s played for Arsenal. So, shouldn’t his soft spot for us be just as big?