The new season starts in a week, are you prepared?

These days when there’s an app for everything, it’s not a bad thing to go a bit old school with something. I personally love filling in wallcharts during almost all major competitions. There’s something exciting about writing down a result and seeing how results changed over a few matches, weeks or months. Am I a weirdo? Don’t think so!

Here at Daily Cannon it has been a tradition to do wallcharts for Arsenal’s season and any major international competition for the last few years and I have to say it feels really nice to have people asking if I’ll be making them again, and it just makes me more motivated.

So here I am again, with new designs for you guys to download, print and hopefully enjoy. As always, I start with one idea and end up with a few versions. I can’t help it, I have issues with deciding what looks better/best so I leave it up to you.

This season our wallcharts are in tone with our new kits. A “home” version is red and white with a hint of blue. The “away” one is yellow and blue (my favourite combo, I have to say). And, even though I really don’t like the 3rd kit, there’s a version inspired by that as well. That’s mostly thanks to our Stephen who specifically asked for it.

Each of them has the usual spaces for results, and added spaces for cup and Champions League games. Now, all three competitions are done all the way to the final but don’t get mad at me if you don’t get to fill them all in!

Also, have in mind that television might change some dates which is impossible to know at the moment and I won’t be making changes every time they change their minds.

The wallcharts are made in A3 size but they can be printed on A4 as well. I suggest using thicker paper for better experience.

Hope you use them, tweet me if you print them out! And good luck to us all in new season!

fixtures 1617 small


fixtures 1617 yellow smallAWAY

fixtures 1617 green small