Everton have reportedly offered €18m for Valencia’s Aymen Abdennour, the centreback who is definitely for sale and has already been offered to Arsenal.

Given the choice, Valencia would prefer to shift Abdennour from the club and are loathed to let Mustafi go, even before they’ve sold another of their defenders.

Of course, no rumour these days comes without a counter-rumour, and TribunaDeportiva say that there has been no bid, although Abdennour’s agent is aware of Everton’s interest

Before confirming that Valencia want €22m

Arsenal are said to be moving closer to a deal in the region of €30m for Mustafi with reports claiming that the Valencia owner was flying in to finalise the deal after the player’s father/agent that talks were progressing well.

In all this fog, it’s hard to know what to make of this latest development, or if it is even a development to begin with.

More to be revealed, no doubt.