Liverpool’s Emre Can and our very own Mesut Ozil seem to be firm friends and the fact that Can has been pictured wearing the playmakers signature cap just cements this.

The two Germany internationals partied together recently in Las Vegas during their summer break, with Mesut even sharing a picture of them together.

Now, Can has been pictured wearing Mesut Ozil’s cap, which appears to have his initial’s M-O on it. Is he borrowing the cap, has he stolen it? Does Mesut know his beloved hat is missing? All excellent questions I’m sure you’ll all be losing sleep over tonight.

Of course, it means absolutely nothing, although media outlets want it to, with a lot of sites appearing to hint that perhaps they’ve been training together, which is nonsense considering they were together not that long ago. It might not even be Mesut’s hat, it could just be the same brand and style.

If Arsenal were going to tap up a player from a rival club, I very much doubt our first strategy would be to get Mesut to plant his hat on them… Although maybe that’s why we’ve not signed a new player for a little while?