After Arsenal’s u23s lost 1-0 to Manchester City on Friday night, Ben Sheaf insisted that he doesn’t believe the Young Guns deserved to lose.

Sheaf was played out of position again during the clash but this is something the 18-year-old claims to be getting used to. It seems he’s adapting and hopefully he doesn’t take the loss too hard considering he was in defence again.

Speaking after the match, he claimed that he believes Arsenal were unlucky and didn’t deserve to leave with zero points.

“Yeah, it was a difficult game,” Sheaf told post-match.

“I think it was pretty even game with chances for either team. It was an improvement on last week’s game against Reading, that was a disappointing performance. We defended a bit better tonight but just didn’t have that cutting edge in front of goal and around the edge of the box to finish our chances.”

He continued, “Ainsley hit the post, that was unlucky and we had a few half chances here and there that maybe on another day would’ve gone in. We didn’t deserve to lose but sometimes that’s the way football goes.”

Arsenal’s u23s have now lost two in two during the new season and although this wasn’t as heavy as the defeat to Reading (2-0), it’s still another chance to win points scuppered.

It’s interesting to read the young players’ quotes after matches because you can start to see flashes of the polished, media trained cliches that the senior squad reel out regularly. Lots of ‘there are positives’ etc etc.