Arsenal have allegedly opened talks with Torino in regards to signing their wing-back, Bruno Peres.

With Mathieu Debuchy looking to leave the club he probably wishes he’d never signed for, Arsenal are in the market for a replacement and the links with Peres have been strong for a while now.

Of course, the strength of the press coverage means little these days, as one site reports what another site is saying without adding extra to the mix. It gets to the point that we think it simply must be true otherwise there wouldn’t be so much coverage.

No such claims being made here, just trying to get to the bottom of it as usual.

Anyway, out of contract in 2020, Peres plays as a right-back but can also be deployed on any side of midfield. Versatility is a huge selling point for Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal have been spotted scouting Peres during Torino’s pre-season games and it is claimed that talks have already taken place with the player’s agent.

That’s about all anyone seems to really know at this point, and even then there are suspicions over how accurate any of this information is.

For some reason, I’m not entirely sure why, I’m leaning towards believing it all.

Perhaps the madness of the summer so far has finally broken me. Who knows.