Arsenal were drawn against Nottingham Forest in the third round of the league cup and both we’ve faced them in the competition, we’ve gone on to win it.

Of course, ‘omens’ are only such if you believe in that sort of thing, but plenty of football people do, so here we are.

The EFL Cup as we’re now calling it, I assume because they haven’t been able to get a sponsored for for it, is the one domestic cup that Arsene Wenger has yet to win.

Often derided for not taking it seriously and playing his kids, Wenger has made more quarter finals than most in this competition, a few semi-finals as well as a couple of finals and his track record laughs in the face of anyone who thinks he doesn’t try to win it.

He’s also probably responsible for breathing life into what was a dead competition by encouraging others to play their talented youngsters and giving fans something different to look forward to.

The game will take place at Forest in the week commencing 19 September.