Olivier Giroud’s agent, Mickael Manuello, has been on Italian radio station, Radio Crc, claiming that Napoli would get the best out of the striker.

When rumours started to do the rounds that Oli was being offered as part of the deal for Gonzalo Higuain, the majority of us laughed considering Arsenal had previously claimed he was not for sale at all. However, the rumours are starting to seem more plausible and are making a bit more sense now that his agent has been talking about what a good move it would be for the Frenchman.

“As of today, Giroud is an Arsenal forward,” the agent said.

“If they were to ask him to leave, then we’d evaluate the situation.

“There would be no fear for Olivier to go to Napoli, as we’re talking about a magnificent place.

“In Naples, my client could have a wonderful lifestyle, not to mention that Maurizio Sarri’s style of football would get the best out of a striker like him.”

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(FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

There’s now a growing feeling amongst Gooners that these rumours have actually stemmed from the agent himself who, for whatever reason, seems to really want Giroud to play for Napoli.

For Giroud, it would be a weird move. I doubt they would pay him any more than us in wages and Serie A is no longer the European force it used to be.

Could Giroud’s agent just be trying to wrangle him a new, improved contract with us?