Napoli’s president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, has stated, again, that Higuan will not go to Juventus and if he can help it, the striker won’t go to another Italian club.

De Laurentiis has done an awful lot of talking about this whole transfer saga. In fact, for a man who complains about the media being the ones driving it, he actually seems to be the only one adding any comment with regularity.

After meeting with Juve at the start of the week, ADL said that the player would not be going to Juventus. Now, speaking to the official Napoli Radio Station, Kiss Kiss, he said, “Higuain will not go to Juve.

“In fact, it is not even fair that Higuain goes to an Italian club.

“The rumours are nothing, Gonzalo has two more years of contract. If [a club] does not show up with a figure equal to his release clause (€94m) [he will] clearly remain at Napoli.

“There are not many teams that can cover that amount.

“Then you also see if Higuain betrays this love that he seems to have sworn to the Neapolitans.

“At this time, since he has not spoken and did not want this, [the]situation that has been created, [it’s] just a sea of chatter.”

Yes, mostly from your mouth!

As we’ve been saying for a while now, any Arsenal interest in Higuain seems flimsy at best.

The club has been nothing more than a sidenote to these Napoli-Juventus discussions and rumour has it that Arsenal aren’t that interested in paying the guts of €100m for a 28-year-old anyway.