Arsenal have allegedly told Manchester City that Hector Bellerin is not for sale as Pep Guardiola sets his beedy little Barcelona eyes on him.

Who could forget the sagas his club were at the heart of in seasons gone by and now that he’s landed in England, he’s wasted no time in going after more Arsenal players.

Why do I believe this rumour? Because it suits me to.

I want to believe that Pep is a grubby little Arsenal-stealing Mourinho with a few more manners. I don’t want to like the managers of any of our rivals, that’s not what football is about.

Anyway, I know it’s not rational, hello, this is football!

Arsenal have told him where to go, in any case. Hector isn’t for sale, not at any price to any club.

If only that would be the end of it but you can’t help but think, with a player of Hector’s ability, this really is only the start of years of speculation every time a window opens.

His agent isn’t helping things either, with comments like these to Spanish publication Mundo Deportivo, as relayed by the Mirror.“He is happy at Arsenal… but the option of City exists.

“It pleases him and what’s more, Pep [Guardiola] is there.”

I checked the original Spanish and it seems as if the Mirror might have been a little naughty here (shock).Via Google translate and an invasive tidy, the comments as quoted on MD, actually read “He has a contract with the Arsenal and is happy, but the option of City exists, and he also likes Pep.”

[“Tiene contrato con el Arsenal y es feliz, pero la opción del City existe, le gusta y además está Pep”]

Slightly different, perhaps not quite as definitive, but still concerning nonetheless.

Fun times.