Manchester City haven’t been put off by Arsenal’s claim that they won’t be selling Aaron Ramsey anytime soon.

According to TransferMarketWeb, Pep Guardiola’s new side is still keen on the midfielder, who we apparently value at £50m.

On the face of it, this is just another instalment of Silly Season. We wouldn’t sell one of our star players to a rival – not now at least – would we? Now that we have the money in the bank and we’re building a squad, we don’t need to make any rash decisions…right?

Then why am I worried?

Rambo only has two years left on his contract and I’m not sure his loyalty to Arsenal runs that deep. I like Ramsey, I believe he’s a superb player; one of the most complete midfielders out there and if he’s played consistently in his preferred position I reckon he could be something special.

But something about his comments about playing for Barcelona one day…something about the vacant look in his eyes when he talks about Arsenal…I just don’t see him staying if Pep Guardiola came skipping along with a contract worth double what he earns now. I hope I’m wrong.

The issue is whether we would sell him to City and I don’t think we would.